There may have been a church here in Saxon times (c 950A.D.) and some think that the Tower which is the oldest part of the church is Norman (c 1100 A.D.). What is certain is that the tower and the chancel arch date back to (1200/1300 A.D.). The chancel was rebuilt in 1875 and the present church was rebuilt in 1895, being made much larger than the previous one built in 1827. The 1827 building had a large transept going off to the north of the nave, and the pulpit, reading desk and lectern were in the middle of the present chancel. This building would have replaced an earlier one and that in turn replaced another. So the history is one of a church changing to meet the needs of the times. This policy continues with several internal changes made to the church in 1982. The communion table was then brought forward on an extended platform and the organ moved to a raised platform against the tower.

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