Mission & Vision

Here in the Parish of St Andrew’s Kinson, our prayer is that all people will come to know God’s love, and be growing in their relationship with Him. Our desire is not only to grow numerically as a church, but also to grow in maturity.

It is our hope and prayer that as we listen and follow God’s call in mission we will fulfil our call as the body of Christ; growing more like Jesus every day, deepening relationships and forming community, calling the lost into His kingdom, worshipping in awe and with expectation, being enabled and equipped for loving service.

We believe that as we seek to be a truly mission-shaped church – prayer, partnerships and team building are vital. As we pray, we encounter God and are changed, our eyes are opened to new ways of seeing ourselves, others and the world around us. If we genuinely seek to connect with our local community in an authentic way, we must also develop partnerships within our community. We also recognise that growing a mission-shaped church requires ‘teamwork’.

As we move forward in mission we seek to keep a balance within the many facets of church life in the St Andrew’s Parish. To that end, we have listed within some biblical principles that we are committed to, as we endeavour to honour our Mission and live into God’s Vision for who we are called to be as His people.

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Click here to view our mission and vision leaflet including our core biblical values.