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We are committed to serving our parish and those associated with it, through the sacrament of Baptism.

Please contact us using the details on our contact page if you would like to discuss baptism or for more information about mission and ministry in the Parish of Kinson.

There is no cost to be Baptised at St Andrew's Kinson, but we do ask those seeking Baptism to engage with appropriate resources that help to consider some of the central beliefs of the Christian faith.

At St Andrew's Kinson we offer baptism for Adults who are making a commitment to follow Jesus for the first time.

Infant Baptism (sometimes referred to as a Christening), is also a practice we support. Baptising a child on the basis of their parent/s faith can provide a sure anchor as they look back in the years ahead, along what we hope will be an on-going journey of deepening faith and relationship with God.

At St Andrew's Kinson, we believe that Baptism may well be a decision we make to show our desire to live for Christ, but ultimately Baptism is all about what 'God has done' in Jesus Christ on our behalf.

Baptism symbolises in a physical way what happens spiritually in us, when we respond to God's call to be followers of Jesus. Whether Baptised as a child or an adult, our Baptism is only made effective through our personal faith in Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

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