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Because we have received and experienced God’s great love, and hear his word to us, we want to share the real life we have in Jesus Christ with others.

By teaching ourselves and others to obey all that Jesus has commanded us, and loving one another as he has loved us, we aim to build one another up into disciple-making disciples of Jesus Christ. To this end we are committed to encouraging and equipping one another for a life pleasing to our heavenly Father.

Our aim is to communicate the love of Christ in the common language and culture of our time so that we are understandable and relevant.

As well as promoting local activities held throughout the year at St Andrew’s Kinson, this page will include articles written to encourage us to grow and develop as disciple-making disciples.

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Quarterjack Quilters’ Exhibition

Three of our St Andrew’s Kinson church members belong to Quarterjack Quilters. Heather, Rachel S and Su P and the group are holding an exhibition of their work, just down the road at the Hamworthy Club on Magna Road. They would love you to go along and see some of their work - see details see attached.

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Summer Sundays - Children & Youth

Our discipleship programme continues through the summer holidays at St Andrew's Kinson, but will take on a slightly different look during the Sundays that fall within the School Summer Holidays.

Keep an eye on our Children & Youth webpage for further details.

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The essence of belonging

I think it's safe to say that there will be times where our sense of belonging is challenged as members of the church.

Here at St Andrew's Kinson, we hope and pray all members and visitors will find a place of welcome and belonging - we hope this article helps to inform but also challenge us as to what we as individuals bring to the table...

Click here to listen to podcast.

You may find the audio cuts off just at the end...

if so, here's the last paragraph...

We can only experience what it is like to really be a member of a body when we are active as contributing members of that body. We can only experience the ‘community’ of Christ when we put into practice the only thing that truly matters in our fellowship: faith in Jesus Christ that is active in love.

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Introducing God

If you want to know someone you have to meet them first!

Over a number of weeks we are encouraged to explore a personal relationship with God - recognising his commitment to us, and our response to trust and serve him.

Over 8 sessions each unit consists of a 30 minute video talk and an accompanying Bible study. 

The first course will commence Wednesday 4th May at 10:15am in Meeting room 1 at the St Andrew's Church Centre, Millhams Road, Bournemouth, BH10 7LN.

Contact the Parish Office on 01202 570010 if you would like to be included in the first course or if you would like your details kept for future courses. Or call Reverend Lee Shirvill on 07763 558 433.

You can find an introduction video to the course by clicking the link below:

Introducing God Intro Video

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Easter 2022 @ St Andrew's Kinson
Gatherings for Easter 2022 will be hosted on Good Friday 15th April @ 9:30am, Easter Sunrise Service @ 6.00am (Branksone Chine Beach, off Pinecliff Road) and Easter Sunday Family Celebration @ 10am.
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Caring for God's creation @ St Andrew's Kinson
This coming Saturday is the annually designated Earth Hour, organised by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and scheduled for 8:30–9:30pm on Saturday 26 March. 

People and organisations all across the world switch their lights off for one hour, making a public statement of concern about the ways our lifestyles and behaviour threaten the well-being of God’s earth.

Why not ask friends and neighbours round for candlelit drinks and nibbles, and talk together about how to have a positive environmental impact?
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St Andrew's Church Centre - Open for hire

Are you looking for that perfect location to host a birthday party, training session, community activity? We have rates and rooms for all occasions - for one-off bookings or regular events. Our facilities are well cared for, COVID secure and clean. We can provide ample car-parking, Wi-Fi, a fantastic commercial kitchen - in a peaceful and secure location. Why not give us a call on 01202 570010 or enquire by email on for more details.

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Join us as we celebrate Christmas 2021

Please note that we continue to operate all services as scheduled.

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What distinguishes you as a Christian?

The Holy Spirit in the past has not held a prominent role within the Church but these days people are claiming spectacular manifestations of His power. Focusing on signs and wonders believing that this distinguishes Christians from others.

Paul writes in Galatians 5:22-23 that the fruit of the Spirit, as in its manifestation in our lives is LOVE. From that love comes joy and peace and so forth. The hallmark for a believer is the fruit of love, we love because we are loved first.

As we become like Christ it was through His love for us that he willingly gave up his life. It was His through love that he happily gave up all the privileges of Heaven to become flesh and walk this earth to suffer and be humiliated. As Christ tells us it is by the way we show love to one another that we will be known as His disciples John 13:34-35.

Some people think the hallmark of a Christian is truth, sound doctrine, creeds and the Reformation confessions. To fight the good fight and stand firm in the teaching of the scripture. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 13 that if he can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge but does not love he has nothing. Knowledge puffs up while love builds up therefore love trumps knowledge.

Others may say, holding true to faith alone that we are saved by justification alone, God's grace. Again Paul in 1 Corinthians says even if he has faith to move mountains, yet does not love, he is nothing.

Religious experience is key to our identity as Christians. That knowing Christ is enough as everything else is at a loss. The experience we can receive through Christ and the power of the Spirit reveals how spiritual we are and how Christlike we are. Yet, Paul argues "If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal".

Service can also reveal that we are followers of Christ, service to the poor, those in need our neighbours as Jesus reveals through the parable of the Good Samaritan. Guess what, Paul declares "If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing".

Here is the thing, all the people are correct, holding true to scripture, living by faith alone, having some religious experiences and works by faith are all hallmarks of what makes a Christian. Yet the core fruit the main distinguishing telltale sign that we are Christians is Love. The love and grace of God and our Love for Him and how that transforms us change our priorities and hearts as we love others with that same intentional love that seeks to build others up and to transform the culture around us to glorify God alone.

So, brothers and sisters you may be the smartest, theologically minded person, you may be able to speak in tongues and seek other signs and wonders, you may be passionate about helping others out and you may have had some great experiences as Jesus has revealed things to you through scripture and the Spirit. But if your whole motivation is not loving and for the building up of God's kingdom and church then there is nothing that distinguishes you from other people.

It is by the way you love, this reveals to others that the Holy Spirit is manifesting in your life, it is love that shows others that God is in you. It is love that will show the world that you are Christ's disciples. What, if you are truly openly and honestly reflecting, are you revealing to those around you?

Rev' Darren Dalton

St Andrews Church

Kinson Bournemouth

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December 2021 @ St Andrew's Kinson

We have something for everyone as we begin the month of December - a festive concert by the Dorset Accordion Group, Carols by Candlelight, Family fun on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and a traditional Carols and Communion Gathering at 11pm on Christmas Eve to help us see in Christmas Day 2021. More details will be posted on our Facebook page and at

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