July 19, 2021 Darren Dalton

Ramblings of a Curate!!

Ramblings of a Curate!!


I've been contemplating the people's movement in regards to Jesus. There is a saying, "you are either moving towards or away from Christ".

On the notice sheet last week and this week, within the spiritual food box. We have looked at the feeding of the five thousand. Last week we had the beginning part in Mark 6:33-34 and this week the end in John 6: 23-24. We are given a picture of these people desperately seeking Jesus, their motives may be different, some wanted healing, some feeding and some to listen to what Jesus was saying.

Whatever their reason, Jesus was able to teach, perform miracles and reveal the glory of God to them. Throughout the Gospels, people came far and wide searching for Jesus to discover for themselves who He was, receive healing, or have their lives turn upside down. Nicodemus, Zacchaeus, the woman suffering from bleeding and the Lepers are just a few.

They understood if they wanted answers, healing, receiving fulfilment and salvation. If they wanted to know more about the father they had to come to Christ and listen and respond to the answers.

These people put everything to one side and prioritised Christ, they desperately sought Him out and drew closer to Him. The only way Jesus could speak to them, heal them, and teach them is if they were with Him.

Sometimes I expect my faith to grow deeper, my prayer life to be out of this world and my bible knowledge to be greater than Dot from East enders. But there are times I don't put in the effort, I expect Jesus to come to me or perform some sort of wifi download while my attention is elsewhere.

It's like me wanting to be healthy while eating pizza and have muscles upon muscles, while not even attempted to walk close to a gym or making any effort to walk. I'm either walking towards the gym or the takeaway, each direction will have a major impact on my life.

If we want to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ, have a better understanding of the bible, or be more intentional about our journey. We need to be walking towards the one who can do help with all of this.

Only Christ can reveal Himself to you and the world can only reveal itself, so are you desperate enough that you are prepared to do anything to meet Christ. Are you seeking Him in the right places? Regular prayer time, reading His word and attending church will aid you to face the right direction and to move towards the prize.

We are either moving towards or away from Christ, the first thing to ask is are we even facing Him at all?

Rev Darren Dalton

St Andrew's church Kinson Bournemouth.