August 11, 2021 Darren Dalton

Ramblings of a Curate!!

Ramblings of a Curate!!

Mission now possible!

In most forms of media, there is a hero, someone or a team that has a mission to save their family, country or even the world.

The plot for Mission Impossible follows Ethan Hunt and his mission to uncover 'the mole' who has framed him for the murders of most of his Impossible Missions Force (IMF) team. Similar to James Bond, and most superhero books and movies.

We love to cheer for the underdog, who appears to defy all the possible odds to succeed in the mission.

Early in the Bible, we are shown the underdogs, Israel, God's chosen people to reveal God's blessing to the nations, to be set apart. Yet we read how time and time again our underdogs are defeated, enslaved and exiled and someone from God's chosen people becomes the hero, saves and leads God's people.

Such great people like Moses, King David, Deborah and Gideon to name just a few. Yet time after time Israel reverts to their sinful way, worshipping idols. Just after God rescued the Israelites from Egypt, performed miracles such as the plagues upon Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea. When left alone, they take the first opportunity to build a golden calf, worship it while living a life that does not glorify God or set them apart.

Tim Chester remarks "A god made in our image suits our desires but can't help us when we are in need".

I wonder what gods have we made to bring us comfort and security?

For some, King David, Moses, Abraham and others have become the heroes, to praise, glorify and even at times worship. Yes, they helped lead and save Israel from death at times. Yet, the true hero of the Bible is in fact, God, He hears the cries of His people and responds. He establishes, equips and enables the heroes in the bible to fulfil what God has ordained from the beginning of time.

Psalm 115 says that only God should receive all the Glory, for the other gods we make cannot hear, cannot speak and cannot save.

While Moses and others save Israel from physical threat, the spiritual threat is a constant shadow hanging over them and us. A mission that no mortal man or woman and complete, it is for us a mission impossible to be made right with God.

God, the true hero of the bible and our lives, turns mission impossible to mission possible, as he came down, time and time again to save and speak to His people.

Finally, He came down as a helpless babe, to die on the cross. Taking upon Himself the wrath of God which should lay upon us. He rose again in Glory and now through Him we too can be made right with God and the shadow of the spiritual threat has been dissipated to give way to joy and confidence in the true Hero.

Let's spend time reflecting upon what heroes/idols we have created and come before our God who saves from the fiery furnace of Nebachenzar and the fiery judgement of His wrath, which we all deserve.

God is a God of mission, In Him, the impossible can be made possible and He calls us to join in His team of misfits.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to accept His call upon your life, trust in Christ for your eternal salvation and be transformed by His word and live your new life in joyful service to Him, set apart glorifying Him in obedience. This ramble will self-destruct in ten seconds.

Rev. Darren

St Andrew's Church

Kinson Bournemouth