October 06, 2021 Darren Dalton

Ramblings of a Curate!!

Ramblings of a Curate!!

Are You Ready?

I was walking to church last Sunday not because I wanted to get fit, but because I am such a sacrificial, loving husband and father and thought it would be easier for them to have the car, while I fought against the elements and walk for a whole ten, yes I said ten minutes. I know I am such a gift to all lol.

Anyway back to the point, on the way to church, just past Pelham's park I witnessed five cars drive up then turn left to the leisure centre. It made me reflect on a couple of things.

The first is how much time and money are spent on people trying to create a body like mine... They may have a healthy body but when they die all that time, effort and money are wasted. Because they are not spiritually healthy by the means of salvation received through Christ.

The second thing is, how many people are at that point where they are dithering at the crossroads between choosing Christ or the gym, or it might be something else like shopping, sleep, or any other idol which is a distraction. So the enemy may have a hold over them and persuades them to make the wrong choice?

The third question is, how many of those people over the major festivals like Christmas make that conscious decision to come to church? They come, they hear and they leave until next year. What is our response? Maybe we judged them or that we just accept it because that is what always happens?

St Augustine in a book covering his sermons for Christmas and Epiphany, says (but put in my own words) 'Those who choose to come to church do so with an expectation of witnessing to what God is doing in the scripture and in our lives as we come together to hear His word. That word St Augustine writes should be heard through the ears of our hearts so that we go out and witness to those around us.

Creating community, building relationships and spreading His message of hope. So what are we doing about those who chose to come to church last Christmas, how many of those are we still in contact with? How many of those are part of our fellowship or do we have some sort of relationship with them?

Do you come to church with that expectation to witness what God is doing? are you ready to be transformed from the heart which changes you from the inside out.

Are you ready, not only to welcome those who come to church at Christmas but to engage with them now? So when it comes to that crossroads, the choice for them will be an easy one. We were saved for God as he is creating a nation. A nation filled with His people and he has called us all to help gather and create community. A community that is Christ centred, preparing our hearts for when He returns and restores us with the whole of creation.

Just start with one person, imagine, there is around a hundred of us and if we all intentionally lived out faithful lives there could be another hundred added to God's family.

Rev'd Darren

St Andrew's Church

Kinson Bournemouth