October 15, 2021 Darren Dalton

Ramblings of a Curate!!

Ramblings of a Curate!!

Or What's Worth Protecting?

You can't help it, every time the news is on or you look at social media there is someone always protesting. Insulate Britain is concerned about the climate causing traffic jams on the m25 to get the government to insulate all homes to help reduce CO2. Extinction Rebellion also fighting for awareness of climate change.

Save the bee's, Black lives matter and LGTB Pride is all passionate and is trying to protect and fight for things that are important to them. I have witnessed leaders become so passionate about politics that they behave in an un-Christ manner to those who share a different opinion. I wonder what it is in our lives that we get worked up and passionate over? What things do we want to protect and fight for?

Peoples feelings and passions don't just stay with them but it seeps into governments, distorting the way they should lead, it becomes based on power and votes, using the excuses they want to connect with the modern-day culture. It then begins to shape the media, and our culture as children are now taught new things that don't even make sense. A famous pop star tweeted that "we should stop calling Extra Teresterals, 'Aliens' because it is offensive".

Film and book characters are rewritten to reveal and "connect" with the world. So now characters are no longer how they were once created but resemble the thoughts and feelings of the world around them. I with other fans have stopped watching Supergirl and other dc series as the plot is no longer about the superhero but same-sex attracted relationships.

I reflected this week upon whether I am that passionate about God's word and want to protect it. The world's agenda does not just influence the culture but it also influences God's established church.

Churches are seen to be out of date and not connecting with the culture around us. So we are told that we need to change the Gospel, to make it fit and connect with the culture around us. No longer do the truths in the bible hold any relevance to us today. We are encouraged to live and preach a Gospel not about God but about us.

People are being led astray as they are deceived and believe in the false gospel that is preached from the pulpit Sunday after Sunday. Gods creations, the world and we are being distorted by sin, no longer are we what God had intended us to be. We are in a battle, as God wants to restore us in His image and create us as His nation, however, the enemy is deceiving us.

We are being influenced by the bombardment of protesters that demand that we fall in line with them, their ideas and their desires. Colossians 2 tells us that if indeed we died with Christ we have died to the principles of this world. The rules people make up are based on their own wisdom and not of Gods and therefore we should not submit to them. Their own wisdom leads to self-imposed worship and eventually death.

Are you passionate about God's word and true redemption?

Is it worth fighting for, to be passionate about that it causes you to stand up and be heard?

Are the souls of your neighbours, friends and families worth fighting for? We are called to reveal Christ to those around us, and not the world to itself. What is it that you are passionate about? Are you helping Christ be heard today?

Rev'd Darren

St Andrew's Church

Kinson Bournemouth