LIFE Groups

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Helping God's People Live in Faith Every Day...

Why L.I.F.E. Groups?

Church services are a vital part of our Christian life; allowing us to worship, learn and pray as a whole community.

However, there are some things that are best done in small groups.

Therefore, developing the LIFE Groups at St Andrew's Kinson is a top priority, as we seek to grow our church family through discipleship and sharing life together. Becoming a member of a small church group is the most effective way of enabling any individual member of the church to grow in spiritual maturity, experience community and receive pastoral care. For this reason, we encourage all members of the St Andrew's Parish, to join a small group.

LIFE groups....doing life together

Following Jesus is all about relationship. He wants us to have relationship with Him and relationship with each other. It is primarily through loving, supporting, listening to and challenging one another that we grow in our faith and become the people God made us to be. LIFE groups stand for Living In Faith Everyday and that is what we are learning to do.

What happens in a LIFE group?

Most groups meet fortnightly in someone's home. We can summarise the different aspects of LIFE groups as follows:

1. We grow in our relationship with God, through bible study, prayer and worship.

2. We get to know a few people in our church family really well.

3. We are able to experience community and have opportunities to do things together for the benefit of


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"When Jesus started His ministry, the very first thing He did was form a small group."

Rick Warren

"One of the things I am reminded of when I attend a small group is that I am not alone - I belong somewhere. God designed us to live life not only with him, but also with others. He has brought healing and growth in my life through the connectedness I have found in my LIFE group."

St Andrew's Life Group Member

"Small groups have been instrumental over the years in my Christian growth. The Lord has used others in the groups in which I've participated to help me understand His Word and apply it to my life."

St Andrew's Life Group Member